A-levels Classes Online 

Tutors4exams teaches A-levels by live classes using the zoom platform. This is ideal for those who prefer to attend classes from their homes but also for those who are looking for a supplementary course on top of their regular school programme. 

Apart from excellent online teaching classes we also offer:

(i) homework with challenging questions and solutions and,

(ii) regular written assessments that are marked and returned to students for feedback.

Curriculum and Teaching Programme 

We teach the Pearson (Edexcel) International A-levels. Our teaching programme covers ten different A-level subjects and includes a substantial section on exam preparation to help students do well in the examinations. Each A-level subject is taught either over the traditional two year period (1st year AS-level and then 2nd year A2-level) or over just one year under an expedited programme that teaches both the AS and the A2 components in one academic year. Our teaching year consisting of 34 teaching weeks from mid-September to mid-May. Each AS-level subject is taught over one two-hour class each week. Similarly each A2-level subject is also taught over one two-hour class each week. Students taking the expedited one-year A-level programme take two two-hour classes each week. Classes are in the afternoon or evening to accommodate students who also attend regular school in the morning. Students can take any number of subjects they wish but three A-level subjects are usually sufficient for university admission. You can choose the subject(s) that you prefer from our subject list but in some subject combinations there may be timetable conflicts so first check our teaching schedule and timetable.

Examinations and Certification

Our courses prepare you for the Edexcel (Pearson) International AS-level (IAS) and A-level (IAL) exams which lead to the certification of respective subjects. These exams can be taken with us but, if you live far away, they can be taken at approved examination centres around the world every January, June and October. You do not need to attend a formal school to be entitled to take these international examinations. All you need to do is register by paying the examination fee and take the exams. Of course, you must achieve a certifiable grade (A*,A,B,C,D, or E) in the exams to earn the qualification. The international A-levels enjoy the same recognition as the GCE A-levels that are offered in English schools.

The subjects we offer

We currently teach International AS and A-levels in:

- Mathematics,

- Physics,

- Chemistry,

- Biology,

- Psychology,

- Economics,

- Business,

- Art and Design (GCE)

- Information Technology,

- Further Mathematics and

- Law (only A-level - no AS) 

If you already study for different examination boards

Our teaching covers the subject syllabuses of the Pearson Edexcel International A-level. Other GCE examination boards may envisage somewhat different material and, although our courses may still be beneficial they may not cover the exact same topics.

Attending our online courses

You need access to the internet at a good connection speed (10 Mbps) and a PC or laptop having a camera and microphone. You will also need to download and install the zoom app to join our classes. If you miss a class you have the option of watching a recording of the class so missing a class does not mean missing the knowledge. However, this replay option is restricted to avoid abuse and is available only to students who have genuine excuses for absence.

Trial Classes

You can check that you like and that you benefit from our classes before committing yourselves. We offer a free class for each subject to anyone that wants to try out our classes. Get in touch with us by completing this form and we will arrange for you to have free access to a class of the subject(s) that you choose.

Admission Criteria

Our courses are open to anyone who wishes to enroll. However to make sense of what we teach you should have already studied the relevant subjects at GCSE level or equivalent. By "equivalent" we broadly mean typical secondary school curriculum that national schooling systems envisage their students to have covered by age 16. We don't want you to waste money if our classes move on too fast for you so you can opt for monthly payment of your tuition fees so you can assess your progress and decide whether to continue or not. 

Progression Criteria

While we want you to achieve excellent results in your exams we do not set any progression criteria for our students. We set homework after each class and we set take home exams to check your progress but we rely on your cooperation for these to bear fruit. You can choose not to do your homework or the assigned home tests and we will not make a fuss but you should know that without homework or completed tests you are unlikely to do as well as you had hoped. In any case we do not set progression criteria to keep a student on the course. We assume that our students are mature enough to care for their educational affairs. We are aware that this is not always the case and students can opt to have their parents or guardians advised when there is a notable slip of focus in their study effort.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are enthusiastic and experienced. Most importantly they focus on exam preparation to help you achieve a high grade. We boast about our teachers but so does every school. The best way for you to assess our claim is by trying out a class and seeing our teachers in real action. Trying a real class out is as easy as the click of a button. You can do this with tutors4exams so take advantage and see for yourselves!

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees an AS-level and A2-evel subjects are 1600€ per annum. If you take the expedited one year course then the tuition fee is 3000€ per annum. Tuition fees can also be paid by the month at 220€ per month.  The tuition fee includes all the teaching, the provision of homework exercises and solutions that accompany each taught class as well as the marking of periodic (monthly) written assessments. Having a free trial class and being able to pay by month ensures that you are not wasting your money if you find out that these classes are not for you. 

Our Right to cancel

Tutors4exams has the right to cancel a module if the number of enrolled students falls below a minimum of three students. Tuition fees will be fully refunded pro-rata for the part of the courses that was cancelled. In our history we have yet to cancel a course that started but we need to have this option in place especially as we now allow students to pay by the month.

Our Credentials

We have been teaching pre-university and A-level courses for over 35 years in Greece, under the name “Foundation College”. Since 1988 we have successfully prepared over 3500 students who have progressed to UK universities. Our achievements include some very high profile international distinctions including the 2015 Pearson prize for the world's highest grade in International A-level (IAL) Mathematics and the 2017 Pearson prize for the world's highest grade in IAL Further Mathematics. Our students also won the highest country grades in Biology, Physics and Chemistry in 2017 and Economics and Greek in 2018. We have been awarded the prestigious "Outstanding School" prize by Pearson.

Your feedback

If there is something we can do or offer that suits your needs send us an email to tell us how we can adapt our courses to suit your needs. Your feedback is important to us. 

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- Information session on 31 August 2023 at  7pm CET (Central European time)

Download zoom from zoom.us and join meeting with ID: 235 494 3699 to watch a short presentation and to ask questions about our online classes.

- Our students achieve the top grade in the world in international A-levels

Ioannis K won the Edexcel prize scoring the highest grade in the world in A-level (IAL) Mathematics and Manolis A achieved the highest grade in the world in IAL Further Mathematics. 

- Country prizes in International A-levels:

Our student, Amalia C, scored the highest grades in Greece in IAL Biology and IAL Chemistry while Manolis A (who got the highest grade in the world in Further Mathematics in the same year) also scored the highest grade in Greece in IAL Physics. In 2018 Eleana M won the best grade in Greece award in IAL Economics and Vassilis P won the best grade in Modern Greek GCE A-level in Greece.


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